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Meet Al Warner

About Al

I’m Al Warner. A fine and graphic artist, muralist, Tutor, and Cancer UK Media Volunteer.

Inspired by life, I turned professional in 2010. By 2018 I had a thriving art career which all came crashing down following a rare virus which affected my nervous system. I couldn’t mix colours or even hold a pencil for more than a few minutes. In 2019 I was diagnosed with a brain disease, then Christmas Eve 2020, T4 Neck Cancer.

Relearning I used art as a therapy helping me through cancer treatment. Since returning in 2022 to the art world I have gone back to teaching. I’ve been a Wild Card on Landscape Artist of the Year, I was one of the 100 artists for Look Up Portsmouth’s street art festival, and I have had numerous local solo and group exhibitions.

Sculpture: Lighthouse Layer Cake
The design of Al’s lighthouse is being kept closely under wraps until the trail starts in the summer

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