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Meet Explorer Jordan

About Jordan

Jordan is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Hampshire.

Working in a range of mediums, he seeks to design pieces that communicate effectively in new and interesting ways. Continuously inspired by the worlds of themed entertainment and theatrical design, Jordan enjoys creating work with detail and story at the forefront.

Lighthouse: Coastal Communication

Jordan has created our second mini Little Light Hero, Coastal Communication. Inspired by the International Code of Signals, my lighthouse Design features 80 colourful flags that wrap around the entirety of the sculpture.

As each flag represents a letter in the alphabet, I have used them to spell out 16 nautical-themed words – two words in each of the eight rings. Those viewing the sculpture can have fun decoding the flags and discovering the words.

Whether they manage to reveal one word, or all 16, I hope that being able to engage with the artwork in this way will spark conversations and communication between those gathering around the lighthouse.

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