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Meet Tom Hewitt

About Tom

Tom Hewitt, AKA Finding Chewy, is an emerging artist creating vibrant characters that celebrate the journey of self-discovery. His work focusses on embracing authenticity, and showing our individual masks on the outside.

After spending over a decade working as a designer and web developer, his passion to paint intermingled with the desire to find a fresh purpose, which led him to create his own world full of his captivating characters.

He wants his creations to embody self-expression and create a welcoming and safe world for everyone to flaunt their genuine selves. He is a firm believer in unearthing those quirky aspects that make us all unique, and is walking that path alongside his art.

Sculpture: Inside Out – What Do You See?
The design of Finding Chewy’s lighthouse is being kept closely under wraps until the trail starts in the summer

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