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Meet Kezia Hoffman

About Kezia

Kezia is a sculptor and painter with a degree from Winchester School of Art and a passion for community arts. She has been using all forms of art as a powerful way to engage young and old for over 22 years.

Kezia runs her own venue called the Granary Creative Arts Centre, where she teaches Fine Art GCSE to young people who don’t access school, where she teaches anything from stone carving and copper work to spray painting. She sees creativity as a form of problem solving and a way to share stories, connect, build confidence and skills.

Kezia is campaigning to create an Artisan Village with education spaces to keep heritage skills alive.

Lighthouse: Dazzle Light

Kezia has created our mini Little Light Hero, Dazzle Light, where the design points to the historic link to Dazzle ships that were held in Southampton docks in World War One.

The striking black and white patterns were thought to confuse the enemy on the distance and direction the Dazzle ships were going. The notion was inspired by groups of zebras standing together (called a Dazzle) and the impact that would have on a lion trying to single one out for the hunt.

The line of light coming from the light house transforms the shapes into bright joyful colours and also allows for more optical illusions drawing the viewer into the interior of the light house. The inner door is open to interpretation but the concept evokes the idea of stepping into the light and celebration.

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