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Meet Nathan Evans

About Nathan

I am an illustrator and mural artist specialising in hand lettering and typographical works. I am particularly interested in how I can utilise the design of words to connect with an audience and evoke a positive emotional response. I strongly believe that words are the most successful way to connect with a public realm audience.

I have an obsession with the playful exploration of typography and how my graphic art interacts and engages with the physicality of the environment it is applied to. I also have a love for colour and always enjoy exploring vibrant colour palettes within my work. With over a decade of experience painting large-scale murals, my ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural was shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2017.

Sculpture: Shine Bright And Light The Way
The design of Nathan’ lighthouse is being kept closely under wraps until the trail starts in the summer

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