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Meet Sandra Russell and Steve Johnson

About Sandra & Steve

Sandra Russell is a painter, illustrator and storyboard artist. She mainly works for advertising agencies in London, drawing digitally how an advert will look like before it goes into production. She also paints traditionally using oils, acrylics and watercolour creating landscapes and portraits and also illustrates for magazines and books. Sandra has painted several fun sculptures such as elephants, owls, giraffes and tv characters like Morph and Shaun the Sheep, and she enjoys seeing how much the children, and adults of course, like seeing them all out on their trails.

Steve Johnson graduated from Newcastle College of Art and Technology and is an illustrator in the advertising and film industries creating storyboards and animatics for TV commercials. He mainly works digitally and has also enjoyed painting for several Wild In Art trails, including a lighthouse in Orkney for Light The North.

He likes seeing the interaction that people of all ages have with his colourful sculptures.

Sculpture: Ancient
The design of their lighthouse is being kept closely under wraps until the trail starts in the summer

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