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Meet Shirley Copperwhite

About Shirley

My journey as an artist began with a passion for capturing the beauty of nature. Through my paintings, I strive to freeze a moment in time, allowing others to experience the same sense of wonder and tranquillity that I do. My studio is nestled in the vibrant town of Dunlaoghaire, located in County Dublin. It’s the perfect space for me to let my creativity flow and bring my botanical inspirations to life.

While Dublin is my main base, I also spend a significant amount of time in London. This bustling city never fails to provide new ideas and perspectives that influence my work. In a world that craves connection with nature and seeks solace in artistic expression, my work aims to create a bridge between these realms. With each piece I aim to capture the essence and tranquillity of nature, infusing every space with a sense of colour and serenity.

Sculpture: Commotion in the Ocean
The design of Shirley’s lighthouse is being kept closely under wraps until
the trail starts in the summer.

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