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Meet Zoe Sadler

About Zoe

Zoe’s love of fairy tales, myth and legend and her penchant for an old fashioned dip pen and pot of ink inspire her to create quirky hand drawn illustrations. She is heavily inspired by the sea and island life and this is apparent through her creative work. Zoe turns the everyday into the extraordinary through her art.

Originally from North East Scotland, Zoe now resides in her studio in the picturesque and inspiring Isle of Wight.

Zoe loves the water and regularly swims in open water. She is currently fulfilling her dream of learning to free dive. If you ask her, she would say she wishes she was a mermaid. All these things inspire her and feed into her underwater obsession. Lighthouses have also been a reoccurring theme with her work.

Sculpture: Dive Dive Dive
The designs of Zoe’s lighthouses are being kept closely under wraps until the trail starts in the summer

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