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Maureen’s original inspiration started with Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’. The same whirls swirls, and energy are seen from and around lighthouse in the sky, seas, and weather. We constantly see a kaleidoscope of light and colours, day and night, impacting our mood and wellbeing. Artists
have been inspired by nature, charts, thermal imaging and satellite images, and the 4 light quarters show beauty in disorder and order. The artist felt that Lemn Sissay’s new wonderful poems would add a wonderful narrative. Luckily he has allowed Maureen to use them in her artwork. During Maureen’s work in the RNLI she redeveloped the Grace Darling museum in Northumberland and learnt a lot about the isolation, beauty and joy of living in a lighthouse.


All the Light we can see is sponsored by Ordnance Survey– Great Britain’s National Mapping Service

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