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During this year’s world book day, the whole school looked at stories about lighthouses to help inspire them. They learnt that the lighthouse is the beacon that guides vessels around tricky areas. So using this as a design brief the pupils all had the opportunity to design a lighthouse which symbolises this. Using an amalgamation of designs from pupils throughout the school, the children decided that the Godshill lighthouse has four main elements. The use of a rainbow is a symbol of accepting our diverse world. The children have concentrated on blending the different colours of the pastel rainbow. There has been a school in Godshill since 1615, set up by Lady Ann Worsley and it’s still going strong today! Our school logo proudly displays a wyvern, which was on the Worsley family’s coat of arms. Around the base of the lighthouse are bright flowers to symbolise how our school nurtures young minds and allows everyone to blossom. And finally, even though the children discovered that Wyverns rarely breathe fire, it was decided that this wyvern would help the lighthouse to shine!

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