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Our school wanted to create a design showcasing the diversity and values of our school, as well as the town of Eastleigh and its many cultural offers. Here at Norwood, we believe in putting every child in our school at the heart of everything we do, and in the same way we see our school being at the heart of the Eastleigh community. From the base to the top, this lighthouse is covered with examples of what makes Eastleigh a special town to live in and most importantly, the people who live and contribute to this amazing community! At the base, is our school logo, which celebrates the significance of the railway to Eastleigh and reminds us of our school’s namesake, ex pupil and local hero; Percy Norwood. At the top, are our school values and motto, which are also a reflection of our high aspirations for all members of our school community. We like to think of ourselves as a ‘Lighthouse’ providing a guiding light for our pupils and families, supporting them to navigate the stormy seas of modern life. We see ourselves as a safe harbour to sail away from or return to.

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