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Students from ALPS were inspired to create our Night & Day themed lighthouse after looking at the work of Vincent van Gogh in an art lesson. This then inspired their imaginations further to split the lighthouse in half and on each layer creating a similar night and day scene. Working up The bottom layer is the galaxy at night with a sunny forest scene with fields of flowers. The next layer is a simply a sunrise and sunset. Followed by a night and day under the sea scene. Next we have the two Van Gogh paintings ‘The starry night’ and ‘Wheat Field with Cypresses’ for the day, both painted by the very tallented Lily (year 9) Then the is the part of a stone wall from the fairtale Rapunzel by day, with the lattern festival shining brightly at night. Next is the world looking down from space contrasting with the night sky looking at the solar system. The young people enjoyed breaking up mirrors to create the light effect at the top. Then finally the is a traditoinal sun compass to mark the direction of the lost travellers to help them find their way home. Students from ALPS helped to bring the lighthouse to life. Thanks to Lily, Macy, Alexxis, Jaydon, Teon, Sam, Dylen, Beauden for all your hard work.

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